The Rendezvous part III

I wrote the first part of this story four weeks ago. It was about a woman named Gloria who meets a gentleman for what looks like an amorous rendezvous at a luxury hotel. Read part I here.  Two weeks ago, I wrote the second part, a cliff-hanger where Gloria confronts an intruder on her mission. Read part II here. I’ve chosen to opt out of this week’s Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge and publish the third piece of this series.

In keeping with the rules of the Challenge, however, I’ve written it in 99 words.  


The shot goes wild. Gloria rotates into a spinning side kick, reeling her opponent backwards. She whirls around and aims her Glock at his head.

Alistair lunges, grabs their attacker and swiftly renders him unconscious. He checks for any transmitters.

“All clear.”

They search him.

“His ID is useless,” Gloria says. “It’s clearly a fake.”

“Not surprising.”

She holds up a diamond necklace. “Now this is lovely.” And she puts it back.

“I found the flash drive.” Alistair pockets it. “Let’s go.”

They’re in their candlelit hotel bedroom, sipping champagne when there’s a knock at the door.

It’s the police.


On April 14, 2023, I posted a two more parts to this story, titled The Rendezvous Parts IV and V. Read it here.

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