Two Teas for One

Alice ushered Shelley into her kitchen. “If you’d like to make some tea while you’re visiting, the tea leaves are here,” she said, opening a cupboard door. “Tea leaves?” Shelley quipped. “They’re in the canisters. The teapot and kettle are over there.” Alice pointed to them and continued, “I prefer one scoop per cup and... Continue Reading →

Dawn’s Gift of Peace

There is a magic hour When hush and stillness reign, Nature’s been wooed to sleep By the sea’s lapping waves.   Amidst this truce of dawn Nostalgia dwells in dreams, Our wild thoughts lulled to rest And idle hopes redeemed.   A lucent sapphire sky With hems of amber wine, Enchants us with a spell... Continue Reading →

Heart Flags Still Flying

Affixed discreetly to the bottom corner of my front window is a small ‘heart flag’, a Canadian flag with a heart replacing the maple leaf. Made out of paper, the colour is fading and if you look closely, you’ll notice that the tape holding it in place has been reinforced. During my community's pandemic lockdown... Continue Reading →

Spring’s Early Hello

Oh, how we clamor For those first signs of spring! With eagle eyes We search the skies And herald the news When the first robin arrives.   Oh, how we cheer-up On those first balmy days! Like restless colts We bolt outdoors Galloping along Burbling paths where snowdrops soar.   Oh, there’s magic in Those... Continue Reading →

Fluted and Free

Silently it fell, Floating in the breeze. Swirling and twirling Like a feather, it Drifted past the tree.   But it’s only July. Surely, it’s too early For any leaf to fly?   With our recent heat And onset of drought, Many of the trees Have wilted their leaves.   And thus it’s no surprise... Continue Reading →

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