Jena sidesteps past the painter’s ladder into her kitchen. Pouring herself tea, she hears Rocky let loose a howl outside. This is followed by a cat’s growl and a rumble up the back stairs.

The doggie door flings open. Rocky storms in, slides across the kitchen, knocks over the hallway ladder and capsizes the paint tray onto his back. The cerulean cannonball yelps. Then bolts out of the house, Jena in pursuit.

She eventually spots Rocky and laughs.

Something borrowed, something blue?

Because there he is, her incorrigible tongue-lolling, tail-wagging blue dog, trailing a bridal party into the church.


My research determined that most house paints are water based and can be washed off easily with soap and water. Assuredly, Rocky is in for a loathsome sudsy bath when he gets home.

I wrote this piece in response to Carrot Ranch’s March 27, 2023 Flash Fiction Challenge for a 99 word story (no more, no less) about something impossibly blue.

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