Snow Day

We had a snow day yesterday. The schools were closed and as predicted, the roads were a proverbial mess. Those who could, stayed at home, and watched the champagne powder continue to fall all day long. There’s a path near our house that is used as a walkway to get from one street to the... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Cake

Charli Mills opened her March 16th 2016 Flash Fiction Challenge with the following introduction, “Today is a cake kind of day.  Go on, grab a fork and savor a bite.  Settle in for a story.”  And what a delicious story it was! This week the Congress of Writers is celebrating the 99th Flash Fiction Challenge... Continue Reading →

United with a Song

She sat on a log hugging her knees, smiling softly as she gazed at the campsite community seated around the blazing fire. Some were chatting quietly; others were busy roasting marshmallows. She nodded to her husband who leisurely reached behind him and pulled out the worn guitar. He tinkered with the strings and began strumming... Continue Reading →

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