The Rendezvous part II

I wrote the first part of this story two weeks ago. It was about a woman named Gloria who meets a gentleman for what looks like an amorous rendezvous at a luxury hotel. Read part I here. Part II has been crafted in response to Carrot Ranch’s March 20, 2023 Flash Fiction Challenge for a 99-word (not more, no less) story about shots fired.


Gloria slips through the French doors into the dimly lit suite. Approaching the bedroom, she sees someone inside, closing the safe.

“We’ve got company,” she whispers into her two-way earpiece, backing away.

Pulling out her Glock 19, she waits for the intruder in the living room.

Who was this guy?

And then he’s there, his Beretta pointed at her.

“Out of my way,” he seethes.

“I can’t do that.”


“Allô mon Chérie.”

His eyes shift to glance at Alistair landing on the balconet.

Gloria roundhouse kicks the gun out of his hand just as he pulls the trigger.

On April 8, 2023 I posted the third part of this story, titled The Rendezvous part III. Read it here.

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