The Rendezvous Parts IV and V

The Rendezvous  has been written in five segments and in keeping with the Carrot Ranch Challenge formula, each segment is 99 words long. Here are Parts IV and V that may or may not be the conclusion. Read Part 1 herePart 2 herePart 3 here.   I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. 


Officer Dufaux enters their suite.

He notices a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom, an empty wine cooler, a light jasmine fragrance, and a seemingly annoyed man facing him, wearing a hotel bathrobe.

“Monsieur, we’re investigating an incident that occurred in the suite below yours tonight.”

“What’s that got to do with us?” Alistair asks.

“We wondered if you heardꟷ”

Gloria drifts in from the bedroom in a partially buttoned man’s shirt, sliding her fingers through her tousled hair.

“Heard anything?” Dufaux says, with a slight grin.

“No.” Alistair gives Gloria a rapturous smile. “We were rather preoccupied.”


Dufaux frowns. “Did you hear the gunshot?”

“Mon Dieu!” Gloria gasps. “What happened?”

“We’re still investigating.”

“Was someone hurt?”

“I can’t say. Now, did either of you hear anything?” 

Alistair places his arm around Gloria. “Sorry, I didn’t hear anything.”

“Nor did I.” 

“Thank you forꟷ”

“Is the shooter still out there?” Gloria points to the door.

“The incident is an isolated one so there is no danger to the public.” Dufaux opens the door. “Bonsoir Madam, Monsieur.”  

Alistair pulls out his mobile. “I’ll let H.Q. know the police are gone.”

Gloria heads for the bedroom. “I’ll start packing.”

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  1. I was visiting your website today. I thought your ‘The Rendezvous’ series was well crafted and very entertaining. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

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