Strumming in Sunshine

Isabella smiled, feeling the warmth of the morning sun against her face. If anyone asked, her colour of hope was sunshine. It was transformative. The grass was greener, the sky bluer. People were friendlier, kinder, more generous. And she always felt happier, for no reason at all. “John,” she said, nudging her partner. “Time to... Continue Reading →


Jena sidesteps past the painter’s ladder into her kitchen. Pouring herself tea, she hears Rocky let loose a howl outside. This is followed by a cat’s growl and a rumble up the back stairs. The doggie door flings open. Rocky storms in, slides across the kitchen, knocks over the hallway ladder and capsizes the paint... Continue Reading →

Detective at Work

Wearing his trench coat, Liam searched the house for possible crimes. Finding nothing, he went outside. “Oh boy, I got her now!” he shouted. Drawing his water pistol, he stormed back into the house and straight into his sister’s bedroom. “Lauren, you’re under arrest!” “What for?” “Desertion.” “Of what?” “The sandbox.” “Go away,” she said,... Continue Reading →

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