Snowy Night

The clouds are dusting, Their folds filled with snow. The air’s fleeced with flakes Falling silent and slow.  * Like the dusting clouds I shake loose my thoughts. In the quietness of prayer, I find peace in my heart.

Fluted and Free

Silently it fell,               Floating in the breeze. Swirling and twirling    Like a feather, it Drifted past the tree.          But it’s only July.              Surely, it’s too early        For any leaf to fly?            With our recent heat        And onset of drought,    Many of the trees Have wilted their leaves.   And thus it’s no surprise... Continue Reading →

Rekindled Sentiments

Julie fingered the faded photo of her parents’ garden. She could feel the ghost of her younger self sharing secrets with the flower fairies. She saw herself doing cartwheels on the lawn and listening to the maple whisper life’s secrets in the breeze. She smiled at the memories. Life had thrown her its share of... Continue Reading →

Solstice Barbecue Invites

Sitting on the back porch, Jim bit into his sandwich.  “Ran into Bill this morning,” he said between chews. “He and Millie are hosting a Solstice Barbecue at their farm Saturday.” “Millie called,” Gladys added shooing away a bothersome wasp. “She told me their granddaughter had prepared invitations, calling it Granny’s Loop-de-Loop party in honor... Continue Reading →

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