Detective at Work

Wearing his trench coat, Liam searched the house for possible crimes. Finding nothing, he went outside. “Oh boy, I got her now!” he shouted. Drawing his water pistol, he stormed back into the house and straight into his sister’s bedroom. “Lauren, you’re under arrest!” “What for?” “Desertion.” “Of what?” “The sandbox.” “Go away,” she said,... Continue Reading →

The Rendezvous

With her luxurious faux fur wrapped around her, Gloria glides past the doorman into the palatial hotel lobby. “Chérieee!” she waves, recognizing the gentleman holding a leather duffle bag. He reaches out, sweeps her into his strong arms and kisses her. Gloria responds and then releases his hold, seductively leading him to the elevator. The... Continue Reading →

Classic Cures

Martha peeled the golden sheath off the onion and began dicing it. “Mom, what are you doing?” Ellie asked, walking into the kitchen. “Making a poultice for Jake. I heard him coughing all night.” “Seriously? You know the drugstores are full of meds for this.” “I know that. But there’s nothing better than an old-fashioned... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Smash-up

Claire’s red Audi TT screeched to a halt just as the ambulance pulled away. She rushed into her sister’s house. “What happened to Dad?” Ellie waved her into the kitchen. “He saw Maggie biking her trailer full of strawberries toward town and chased her on his scooter.” “Why would he do that?” “Claims he loves... Continue Reading →

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