Just Pushed Back the Coffee Table and Danced!

I slowly yawned, stretching my arms and my toes as my body woke up. I was relaxed, happy and felt I was living in the lap of luxury in my king bed at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria British Columbia.

I slipped on a robe and opened the room curtains.

I turned on the coffee maker as my hubby phoned front desk with our breakfast order.

Last night, we’d tapped toes, swayed, clapped and hummed along with familiar tunes performed as part of a musical dinner theater performance in the same hotel. After the show we returned to our room exhilarated, happy and alive. With the magic of our internet’s ‘YouTube’, we kept the show’s passion going longer. We pushed back the coffee table and danced away to some of our favorite musical artists for another 2 hours.

I love dancing. Dance does not select who may participate or not. It just asks you to surrender your body to the hypnotic impulse it feels with the music. It does not need to be flowing, in rhythm or pretty. Dance transforms spirit; it allows us to channel our energy and express it in healthy ways. It is a carefree expression of joy that bubbles out in movement.

Dancing does not need a partner; it does not need a night club or a studio. I confess one of my favorite places to dance is in my kitchen. It usually starts with me singing off key while I cook and then slowly moving my feet, swaying my hips as I wait for something to come to boil or finish baking.

On October 2nd I published a blog Happy October that included a Happiness List – ten things I can choose to do to tap into happiness and joy during the month. One of those was dancing. Now it’s your turn.

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