Starting with Breakfast in Bed

“Honey, let’s have a happiness day today,” I said, sitting up in bed.

“What did you have in mind?” asks my hubby.

“Well, I just published a list of things to do last week and I’d like to do some of them today. It’ll be fun.”

“Define fun.”

“How about we start with breakfast in bed!” I said as I pulled on my robe and headed for the kitchen.

For me, it doesn’t matter whether I make the meal, or someone makes it for me. There is something sumptuous about sipping coffee while leisurely reading a book and feasting on a tray of delicious bacon and eggs – all while snuggled under the covers of a blanket and draped with a large napkin. I just feel pampered and I give myself permission to indulge.


That afternoon we drove out to Mitchell’s farm to pick up local vegetables for a soup I wanted to make. Oh… and they had opened up their Pumpkin Patch!

I don’t know which was more fun: walking among the pumpkins or watching the kids picking out pumpkins. They were all so serious about it! The little guy on the far right had been through two different sections of the grounds, picking up a pumpkin, putting it down, picking up another one, putting it down. He found one! It was so large, his grandmother said, “No.” So off he went again. I took the picture as this determined young man latched onto the wheelbarrow for the third time, and wiggled it along, looking for better stretch of land to choose from.

I left with a trunk full of cauliflower, cabbage, celery, carrots, tomatoes and different squashes – all awaiting my soup pot back at home.

On October 2nd I published a blog Happy October that included a Happiness List – ten things I can choose to do to tap into happiness and joy during the month. I just completed two of them. Now it’s your turn.

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