I Need a Hug … Please?

I was standing on the balcony of my boyfriend’s apartment, my mind totally shrouded with dark thoughts, oblivious to the twinkling city lights before me.  I was distressed. That afternoon, the executives had announced a huge scope and location change for the project I was contracted to complete. How could they? That’s not what I... Continue Reading →

Sewer Smells

Marcy giggled as a sweet elixir of spice drifted past her.  A most unusual odor, she thought as she looked at the serious faces of the executives sitting around the board table.  Her department’s report just didn’t seem important any more.  She sprang up and inexplicably blurted, “Hi everyone.  Let’s get happy!” That night, the... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Garbage

This coming Wednesday is garbage day in our neighborhood – the day when the municipality carts away bags of worthless, useless and spoiled items no longer needed or wanted by the households. This got me thinking about the amount of garbage we pick up daily and store within us. I’m talking about our reactions to... Continue Reading →

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