Spindrift is the name of a local community newspaper in Victoria British Columbia that operated from December 1947 to December 1958. A short post was included in the January 1948 edition to explain to the readers how the paper got its name.  Spindrift was to disseminate news and opinions much like a simmering spray of... Continue Reading →

A Moment in Time

Hanging on the wall is a row of medals – medals won during his golden ‘retirement’ years as a Master’s record breaking track and field competitor in national and international competitions.  In his lap is an old folder full of weathered papers, each neatly folded protecting what was inside.  He delicately unravels each piece of paper... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Garbage

This coming Wednesday is garbage day in our neighborhood – the day when the municipality carts away bags of worthless, useless and spoiled items no longer needed or wanted by the households. This got me thinking about the amount of garbage we pick up daily and store within us. I’m talking about our reactions to... Continue Reading →

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