Tuning Out

“What’s that?”
“Those are rapids.”
“What’s a rapid?”
“It’s the fast-flowing and choppy part of the river.”
“Why is it fast-flowing?”
“Well because… ” I pause?  Why was this river fast flowing?  Gulp, what will I say next?

Ever try to keep up with the zillion questions a child asks you in a day? You know, the never ending “why” questions.

I remember when we first brought the internet into the house. We wondered how we would use it;  within two days we wondered how we’d ever survive without it.  All our ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ questions were answered almost instantly.

Today I ponder a different question.

I’m now the tiny salmon, pushing my way up the fast flowing river of information overload.  How can I stay on focus, stay on course, keep my emotions in check and not forget things!

Recently I took up yoga therapy with a private therapist to help heal an injured leg and hip. Each practice starts with a grounding exercise – slowing down, connecting with the mat, arriving at the present. Yoga is about being in the moment while stretching, lifting and twisting through poses. It’s about breathing.  It’s about calm. It’s an awakening.

I decided to take the mindfulness exercise beyond the yoga mat and into my everyday.  I can’t say I was surprised by my discovery.

Boy do I tune out a lot!

I’ve learned to tune out so I can tune in to all my multitasking, thoughts about what I should be doing, or forgot to do,  what someone else should be doing, or forgot to do… and the list goes on and on.  I apologize if I wasn’t listening to what you said, I was probably busy adding carrots to the grocery list I had in my head for pick up on my way home tonight.

I’ve decided to start with one small step at a time – and I’ve already accomplished the first one – awareness.   I want to slow down and learn to manage that overload of information I’m bombarded with daily.   I imagine I’ll still be wired and connected and multitasking, but instead of tuning out all the time, hopefully I’ll be adding in some mindfulness moments to each day.

(Photo or river rapids courtesy Emerald Water Anglers)

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