Silent Night

Our story begins on Christmas Eve, 1818. Joseph Mohr, a young man of humble beginnings with an aptitude for music, has settled into his role as the assistant priest for the St. Nicholas parish in Oberndorf. It’s a village north of Salzburg, situated along the Salzach River.  Until recently it had served as an important waterway... Continue Reading →

The Accident

“So tell me what happened,” asked Granny knitting by the roaring fireplace.  “It was surreal,” whispered Carrie, lying stretched out on the chesterfield with a heating pad around her neck. “One minute I was making a left-hand turn out of the parking lot and the next minute I felt as if I was sitting there... Continue Reading →

Website Facelift

Pardon my website.  It has gone to the spa for some rejuvenating treatments. When my friend Niki asked me what aspects of Eloquently Kate design I wanted help with, my initial answer was simple and concise, “Everything.” I’m grateful she agreed to take on the project with an evolving scope.  Niki is a web developer and... Continue Reading →

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