Classic Cures

Martha peeled the golden sheath off the onion and began dicing it.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Ellie asked, walking into the kitchen.

“Making a poultice for Jake. I heard him coughing all night.”

“Seriously? You know the drugstores are full of meds for this.”

“I know that. But there’s nothing better than an old-fashioned compress smacked onto the chest. Gets that mucous loosened up real quick.”

“Ack!” Ellie threw her arms into the air and ran to warn her husband.

Martha chuckled and continued making Jake his chicken noodle soup. She loved getting her daughter all riled up.


I was inspired to write this 99-word story by Carrot Ranch’s February 27, 2023 Challenge for a story about a golden onion.

10 thoughts on “Classic Cures

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  1. Ha! I like Mom, and that she teases her daughter. It also reminded me of my father’s strange concoctions for colds when I was a kid. If you could stand a lot of onion you might also get a belt of whiskey and honey. But no poultices.

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    1. Ha! You brought back a memory of my own: my dad’s cure for sore throats was brandy and honey. I’d forgotten that. As kids, my brother nor I were ever given his special concoction. We got the traditional off-the-shelf meds.

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