Rekindled Sentiments

Julie fingered the faded photo of her parents’ garden. She could feel the ghost of her younger self sharing secrets with the flower fairies. She saw herself doing cartwheels on the lawn and listening to the maple whisper life’s secrets in the breeze.

She smiled at the memories. Life had thrown her its share of troubles, worries and even sorrow – no house could bar them out – but the happy little girl of yore was still there.   

Placing the photo on the porch step, Julie looked around sheepishly before stepping out onto the grass to dance under the evening stars.


I wrote this in response to Charli Mills’ July 1 2021 Flash Fiction Challenge.  In 99 words (no more, no less) we were to write a story about “the old photograph”.  And always, we were to go where the prompt led us. 

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  1. Such a sweet prose of 99 words. Excellent description. It took me back to my own childhood and my parents garden, but especially my grandparents very English garden. Thank you for this lovely little story!

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