Solstice Barbecue Invites

Sitting on the back porch, Jim bit into his sandwich. 

“Ran into Bill this morning,” he said between chews. “He and Millie are hosting a Solstice Barbecue at their farm Saturday.”

“Millie called,” Gladys added shooing away a bothersome wasp. “She told me their granddaughter had prepared invitations, calling it Granny’s Loop-de-Loop party in honor of the never setting sun.”

Jim laughed out loud. “Were these ever mailed?”

“Lord no. That’s why Millie’s phoning everyone.”


She hinted about the group being fully vaxxed, so I reckon we can go. ‘Bout time you and I saw our friends again.”   


Charli Mills’ June 18, 2021 flash fiction challenge was to write a story in 99 words (no more, no less) that features a solstice. When my dad was still alive, I remember he talked his brother into joining him on a trip to Finland. His goal was to be there in time for the summer solstice and witness a sun that didn’t set. The way he described it, the sun moved from east to west in an arc during the day and then looped back from west to east, never leaving the horizon at night. Needless to say, he was exhausted next day, having fallen asleep around 4 am and because it was so light out, he’d only slept for a few hours.  

In creating my story, I invited the characters Jim and Gladys back. They’ve been the subject of previous stories, two of which you’ll find here and here.  

11 thoughts on “Solstice Barbecue Invites

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  1. I feel like I’m sitting right there on that porch, having a sandwich on freshly-made bread, the only sound the buzzing of a wasp’s wings (sips an imaginary iced tea).

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  2. That party sounds like fun. I wouldn’t miss it either! I’m pleased everyone is fully vaccinated. We haven’t got that far here yet. I enjoyed the story about your Dad too. It would be pretty intereresting to see the never-setting sun.

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    1. Hubby and I are still waiting for our second dose, so we’re still staying close to home. I’m glad you enjoyed my Dad’s story. He came back from that trip happy and exhausted.

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