Humble Pie

The front door bell chimed.  Mrs. B smiled as she recognized the young man entering her shop. 

“Hi Jason, what brings you here today?  I have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Your favorite.”

“I know. I could smell them all the way down the street.  But no, I need a pie today.”

“What kind of pie?

“A humble pie.”

“Oh-oh. What’ya do?” Mrs. B shook her head.

“I told Sally there was no way I’d ever forget our anniversary…”

“… and you did.”


“It’s gonna take more than just a pie to fix this.”

“A large chocolate cake?”


I wrote this in response to Charli Mills’ July 20th Flash Fiction Challenge.  In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that features any kind of pie.  And as always, she suggests we go where the prompt leads us.


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15 thoughts on “Humble Pie

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    1. Indeed … young Jason is only hopeful that a large chocolate cake might be enough to repair the situation – hence the question mark at the end that sentence. I’m sure the wise Mrs. B. will council him on what to do. 🙂 Thanks for dropping in.

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    1. Generally, I have found that the humble pie I’ve tasted starts out unsavory but ends up leaving a sweet taste when it’s all over. Hopefully your experience has been the same. Thanks Jeanne!

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