Moving Day

My bookshelves are all empty,

The kitchen cupboards lie bare.

Even the bed is dismantled-

There are dust flakes swirling in the air.


I’m tuckered and stressed because

Of all the clutter and mess.

I squeeze my Hubby’s hand; my heart’s

Feelings way too complex to express.


Chaos ensues when the men

Arrive and empty the place.

I watch my home become a house –

A structure with walls and vacant space.


I pick up my purse and release a deep sigh,

I turn off the lights and whisper good-bye.


I was inspired to write this poem to introduce the reason why I’m taking a break from writing. I’m moving – not my website – just my home. I will return in a few months. Hopefully I’ll be all cozy and settled in my new place by then.




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16 Responses to Moving Day

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks Kerry! The move is over, the initial pandemonium survived and now we are slowly finding ways to change the new space into a cozy home.


  2. Best wishes for a smooth transition.

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