Chocolate Cake

Charli Mills opened her March 16th 2016 Flash Fiction Challenge with the following introduction,

“Today is a cake kind of day.  Go on, grab a fork and savor a bite.  Settle in for a story.” 

And what a delicious story it was!

This week the Congress of Writers is celebrating the 99th Flash Fiction Challenge of writing 99 word short stories.  My journey started last May. I was following Charli on social media and each week I found myself at her site, reading the amazing short stories she’d compiled in a post.  Her weekly challenges invited anyone to join and give it a try.  One day I did – and I created my first flash ever, titled, “United with a Song”.

I confess what has kept me going is the genuine warmth and encouragement of this group.  So, today, on this special occasion, I come with my own chocolate cake.  I used Granny’s special ingredient so I do hope you stop, chat and enjoy a slice with me.

P.S. This week’s prompt was to write a story in 99 words (no more, no less) about the idea of “just one”.


Carrie plopped herself onto the chair beside her grandmother, flung her arms onto the table and buried her face.

“It’s a failure, Granny!” she cried.

“What is?”

“The chocolate cake recipe you gave me.”

“Why’d you say that?”

“’Cause I made the stupid cake last night and no one raved about it. They do when they eat yours!”

Granny stifled a smile and kindly said instead, “Tell me what happened.”

Carrie sobbed out her story and when she finished, Granny spoke softly. 

“Carrie, there’s just one magical ingredient that transforms all baking into masterpieces. It’s when you add love.”


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