The Woodlot’s Gift of Peace

I walk along the well-worn path
Silently among the trees.
Calmness settles in my heart
As I listen to the branches
Whisper in the breeze.

There in the distance stands the doe –
Stately, still, and head held high.
A mother’s protective stance
While her fawns linger in the brush nearby.

The weathered tree trunk beckons me
To stop and sit for a while,
I hug my knees and look up high –
A gossamer of sunlight’s grace
Falling from the sky.

The seagulls’ distant squawking
Means it’s time to go.
The woodlot’s gift of peace
Has recomposed my soul.


I wrote this poem in response to Charli Mills’ February 10th Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about wild spaces.

19 thoughts on “The Woodlot’s Gift of Peace

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    1. I think there is something in our souls that needs to connect with nature – even if it’s just a vase full of flowers. My friend got me this huge bouquet of spring tulips the other day – a burst of spring that now sits in my kitchen to make me smile on the most dreariest of days. Thanks Dor!


  1. Wow, Kate. What a gorgeous poem. What a glorious scene your words paint. Beautiful poetry. Verse four is especially special. I felt I was there against that trunk. Could almost feel the sun on my face! Stunning work.

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    1. I’m so glad you liked my poem! Yes, that fourth verse is special; I really didn’t know where the words came from for that one – they just came. Thanks Kimmie. Hope you had a woodsy peaceful day. 🙂


  2. Lovely to see a poem in response to the prompt this week. I thought of reworking one of mine into a flash, but couldn’t manage it. Beautiful pacing and evocation of the graces nature bestows on us. And as with Norah, I find the line below breath-taking. Gossamer is the perfect word here, and so uniquely captures the dappling of light in the woods.
    “A gossamer of sunlight’s grace
    Falling from the sky”
    Thanks for a lovely moment far from the mad world.

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    1. My pleasure Jeanne! We’ve had rain for days on end (west coast winter) and writing the poem let me escape mentally into the world of peace and sunshine. I’m glad you dropped in to share your thoughts. I appreciate it.

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