Fluted and Free

Silently it fell,               Floating in the breeze. Swirling and twirling    Like a feather, it Drifted past the tree.          But it’s only July.              Surely, it’s too early        For any leaf to fly?            With our recent heat        And onset of drought,    Many of the trees Have wilted their leaves.   And thus it’s no surprise... Continue Reading →

Moving Day

My bookshelves are all empty, The kitchen cupboards lie bare. Even the bed is dismantled- There are dust flakes swirling in the air.   I’m tuckered and stressed because Of all the clutter and mess. I squeeze my Hubby’s hand; my heart’s Feelings way too complex to express.   Chaos ensues when the men Arrive... Continue Reading →


I found this poem tucked at the bottom of an old box, lost in the back of our closet.  I wrote it a long time ago and thought you might enjoy it. Nostalgia It’s looking at old photographs; Rummaging through scrapbooks. It’s discovering hidden treasures Stored in forgotten boxes. It’s walking through familiar halls; Visitations... Continue Reading →

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