Thank You – My Letter to You

Dear Readers,

This week I passed the 100 blog follower mark. For the novice writer that I am, this feels like quite a milestone. I am honored that so many of you have chosen to follow Lady in Transition. I know that for me, I’m always heartened whenever I receive the notification that someone new is following my blog. Each ‘Like’ of the blog brightens my day.

I’m delighted that I’ve been able to connect so many of you both through WordPress or social media, like Twitter. Each share of my work energizes me, spurring me on to write the next blog. Your encouragement motivates me to learn, to grow and keep the course.

Many of you are writers like me. I love to read YOUR work. It inspires me.

I heartily thank you for your kindness in reading my posts.

Have a Happy Day!


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