Dearest Sister,

This week’s (April 13 2016) Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction challenge is hosted by fellow Rough Writer Lisa Reiter at Sharing the Story.   Lisa’s prompt, in 99 words (no more, no less) was to write about offering to help someone.  I find that for the most part, kindness begets gratitude, a letter tells a story, and... Continue Reading →

I Have Your Back, Grandma

“I have your back, Grandma” “Yes, you have tact.  Always have - ever since you were a little boy.” “Grandma, listen, I’ll take care of you.” “You? What can you do?  Oh, goodness, no Jason.  I’m fine and can manage quite nicely.  Did I tell you I went strawberry picking last weekend?” “Yes you did,... Continue Reading →

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