Too Busy Living Life to Deliberate New Year’s Resolutions

I’m too busy enjoying my holiday to deliberate about New Year’s Resolutions, which appears to be the common blogging and social media theme this week. I can set specific objectives anytime. Every morning when I wake up, is a new day – a renewal and new beginning.

Here’s what I do in honor of the New Year. Sometime between now and mid-January I choose an overriding theme, or mission statement that sets the tone and direction for the upcoming year.  It can be as simple as one word or a short phrase. It’s the initiative I work toward while life happens around me and to me.

I remember the year I chose ‘my health’ as my guiding principle. I simply became more mindful in that area. The changes I made were subtle and easily managed. I cooked nutritious meals on weekends, when the weather did not beckon me outdoors. I played golf in the spring and summer, although some diehards play all year around here. I got my neighbour to commit to a weekly power walk with me, as long as we did not have to go out in the pouring rain and quack like ducks.

I did not punish myself or get upset after enjoying a dinner of pizza with some lovely Merlot followed by apple pie and ice cream for dessert. I did not feel guilty that I did not sign up for aerobic classes or a gym membership. Needless to say, by the end of the year, I was clearly healthier, lighter and fitter than I had been at the beginning of the year and that is something to celebrate.

I choose the annual themes based on what is going on in my life and a personal quest that is calling me. There were years when the job was my focus, others that were about family. And sometimes all that I chose to do was ‘stay the course’ – just keep doing what you’re doing.

I read an article that included ‘enjoy being alive’ as a potential resolution. I like that. It’s about appreciating and being grateful that you’re alive, regardless of what is happening in your life. Whether you’re having a two hour root canal or winning the lottery, “Every day above ground is a good day.”(1)

I believe something good happens every day – just open your eyes to see it, ears to hear it and heart to receive it. Just enjoy being alive.

Happy New Year!


(1) I traced this quote to be from the 1983 movie ‘Scarface’. Who knew?

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9 thoughts on “Too Busy Living Life to Deliberate New Year’s Resolutions

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I went to your site and read your post from today. I’m so glad that Joy has found its way back into your life. Have a happy New Year.

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    1. I liked your post today. I love your t-shirt quote: “I am who I am. Your approval is not needed.” That is a great inspiration to take into the new year. Happy New Year to you as well.

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