The skies are blue this morning-

A deep and delightful blue,

Magical with its lucent hue

Stirring my heart’s pulses anew.


Even the birds are lively

After days and days of rain,

Chorusing buoyant chirps and trills

And flitting between trees at will.


And wafting through my window

Is an ambrosial breeze

Laced with sweet lavender perfumes,

That float around my living room.


Oh, what a golden morning!

Flushed with a gracious array,

It’s calling me to put away

All my tasks and toils for a day.


So come, join me for a romp.

Let’s trek through whispering woods

And onward to the rocky shore

Where otters play and sea-gulls soar.

9 thoughts on “Interlude

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  1. What a treat to read these delightful words. It completely gave me pause as I enjoyed the view from my kitchen window and the fragrance wafting in from my patio door. With my morning coffee, I reread your Interlude several times, taking in my mornings pleasures. Thank you!

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