The emergency room door slid open and in ran Doris, her arms flailing about. “Aaaaah!  Come quickly. A terrible thing. Ralph fell down.” Grabbing a gurney, the triage nurse and orderly rushed out the door, followed by Doris. There they found the old codger sitting on a bench with an ice packed ankle. “What happened?”... Continue Reading →

First Date

Trees, trees everywhere!  Anna was fuming. She was exhausted and starving and regretted ever coming on this miserable hike.   “Ralph, admit it. We’re lost.”  “Shush. I’m listening for Queenie… Hold on… Yes, I found her!” Ralph yelled, rushing into the woods. “Hey, wait for me!” Anna hurried after him until they reached a hidden... Continue Reading →

Two Teas for One

Alice ushered Shelley into her kitchen. “If you’d like to make some tea while you’re visiting, the tea leaves are here,” she said, opening a cupboard door. “Tea leaves?” Shelley quipped. “They’re in the canisters. The teapot and kettle are over there.” Alice pointed to them and continued, “I prefer one scoop per cup and... Continue Reading →

Idle Time

A lazy summer afternoon Spent lounging on my deck Where sheltered shadows stirred And regal petunias purred.   With languorous eyes I’d follow The twinkling dragonflies Dance a trancing tango O’er the grassy slope below.   ‘Twas delightful doing nothing - Sitting there, thoughts adrift With youthful dreams of yore And unfailing hopes restored.   ... Continue Reading →


The skies are blue this morning- A deep and delightful blue, Magical with its lucent hue Stirring my heart’s pulses anew.   Even the birds are lively After days and days of rain, Chorusing buoyant chirps and trills And flitting between trees at will.   And wafting through my window Is an ambrosial breeze Laced... Continue Reading →

Among the Firs

Among the balsam of the firs Where the sun flickers and glows, There’s a lure of old romance In which myths and legends flow.   Fancy dryad wispy whispers And fairies’ lyrical strains Enchanting us when we stroll Mossy paths made lush by rain.   Deep in the bosom of the grove Where the oldest... Continue Reading →

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