A Golden Day

Let us put away our cares, just for a golden day. We’ll stroll o’er the hills, wildwood whispers beckoning us to a speckled fawn or a rose-white apple tree nestled among the firs. We’ll visit the meadow by the stream and lie in its cool grass. We can eat wild berries and pick honeyed blossoms for our hair. We’ll linger until the evening mist sends us home, wholesome and happy, renewed by our day with earth’s energy.      

Margot re-read the words she’d written and stared longingly out the window, listening to the rain drops conversing with her window pane.


I wrote this in response to Charli Mill’s April 22, 2021 Flash Fiction Challenge. In 99 words (no more, no less) we were write a story about earthing. And as always, we were to go where the prompt led us.  


Image by Fabian Steinmetz

9 thoughts on “A Golden Day

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  1. Absolutely lovely. I could tell the sweet and flowery prose was not your usual style of writing but I knew it would lead me somewhere …down the garden paths of Eloquently Kate! Thank you 💚

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