One of my fellow Carrot Ranch Literary Community writers, Sarah Brentyn of Lemon Shark launched a wonderful initiative. In 50 words or less, we are to write a flash fiction story that includes the theme of help. It’s all for a good cause – relief efforts for the massive destruction left behind by the hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Sarah agreed to donate $1 to hurricane relief for every flash that is posted and linked to her blog (up to $50). Norah Colvin has agreed to match the donation for each of the readers’ who joined the prompt via her site. D. Wallace Peach has generously offered to match the total donation once the initiative period is over.

I thought I’d offer my support with this short memoir from a different type of disaster:

Walter’s most memorable stories were from the time he lived through the war. Destruction, separation and displacement were common themes along with challenges and purpose, recovery, kindness and loss. Each story included communities coming together to survive. And in the midst of their pain, somehow they still enjoyed good times.

This year, as I prepare our Thanksgiving Dinner I feel grateful that no matter the type or size of disaster, there are people who generously donate their time, effort and funds to help others survive, recover and rebuild. They do not judge or criticize nor do they seek reward or recognition. They help because they care.

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