The First Date

Amy could hardly sit still, staring out the window, waiting for George to arrive.  Daddy was taking them to the fair that afternoon and he’d promised he’d let them go on the big kids rides this time.

“He’s here!” yelled Amy as she rushed to open the huge front door with her Daddy by her side.

“Hi George!” said Amy giggling.

“Uhm, hi.  I br-brought you some flowers.  So here,” he said proudly, pushing a tiny bouquet of untied purple and pink blossoms into her hand.

Amy’s Dad smiled. He recognized the onion blooms from Mrs. Rumble’s backyard instantly.


I wrote this story in response to August 19, 2015 Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge:   In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes onions.  I chose to focus on the sweet ones. 😉


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13 thoughts on “The First Date

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    1. Thank you for your comments – I’m certainly smiling today. I remember I picked the blooms off our chive plants once- I thought they were beautiful for my tiny vase. Although my father laughed when he saw it, he taught to let them bloom and seed for the following year instead.

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      1. Well, what can I say, but we all have walked that path – there is something mesmerizing about chives, garlic, allium blooms …. and so, sometimes, picked them must be …

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    1. Oh, I suspect Dad will keep this secret. 😉 I remember this one boy at a summer camp where I was a counselor. He was about 11 and was totally smitten with this 8 year old. I certainly kept his secrets… their innocent ‘romance’ was fun to watch.

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