Enchantress Reveals Country Secrets

Dor, from Virginia Views – Country Living for Beginners wrote last week that my post ‘Dab or Not to Dab’ had inspired her to write about the cologne she only dares to ware in the winter. Her post was delightful and funny. I wanted to share it here. Please enjoy ‘Enchantress Reveals Country Secrets’.

Virginia Views

Lenoir,_Charles-Amable_-_Elegant_LadyIn the old days it was said  a lady was not completely a lady unless she drifted around casting her own personal scent.

Perfumes are still globally hot items of course, even though ladies do not usually “drift” anymore and maybe they don’t even trail their favorite scents behind them.

I just read a fascinating story from Kate’s blog,  Lady in Transition, who wrote To Dab or Not to Dab, about the reason she often opts not to dab her favorite aroma.  It has to do with allergies.

Who knew there were so many additives in perfumes and colognes?   And even though suffocated in the presence of over-dabbed damsels, I was not aware of the severe allergies to manufactured aromas prevalent in today’s society.

Kate’s fascinating story got me thinking about other reasons “to dab or not to dab.”

You see, since moving to the Shenandoah Valley…

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