My Treasure Chest

I stare at the golden key in my hand – beckoning me to use it and inspiring me to open the treasure chest before me. I’ve looked in here before and it was time I did it again. I wonder what surprises will be in store for me.

With trembling hands I place the key in the lock and turn it.

Slowly I open the lid and fondly pull out the familiar – the gifts about who I am: honest, kind, fair, loving, hopeful, etc. Then there are those attributes that have matured over time: leadership, planning, organizing, and perseverance. I keep reaching in, discovering that I’ve really made huge inroads in certain gifts like patience. I connect with all of it. I understand it.

I realize that while I may not be a famous writer, or chef or professional golfer, I do share these gifts in order to be able to write a report, to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and enjoy a round of golf. It’s not the size of the gift that matters; it’s recognizing that I have it and appreciating what I do have.

And then there are the negative attributes that I thought I needed to change or fix. I’m demanding – of others and myself. Yet, I’ve learned that it’s all about how I express the trait that makes it negative or positive, not the trait itself.

I look a little deeper and there, tucked in the corners of the chest are all the things I’m grateful for. I pause and take a deep breath. My heart fills with joy.

I recognize that my gifts are not unique to me, but the combination and proportions of each are. I feel special, I feel loved. I also see and connect with these noble gifts in you.

Let me pass you this golden key so that you may open your own beautiful treasure chest. Golden Key

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Daily Prompt: Golden Key

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