Gift of Forgiveness

Forgiveness Nothing is as painful, As unforgiveness to the soul; A heart that’s torn asunder, With forgiveness becomes whole. A single kind word spoken Means more than countless words; The true words, “I forgive you,” Are all that need be heard. To a soul that has been wounded, Like a healing, cooling balm; Forgiveness soothes... Continue Reading →

I Need a Hug … Please?

I was standing on the balcony of my boyfriend’s apartment, my mind totally shrouded with dark thoughts, oblivious to the twinkling city lights before me.  I was distressed. That afternoon, the executives had announced a huge scope and location change for the project I was contracted to complete. How could they? That’s not what I... Continue Reading →

I Have Your Back, Grandma

“I have your back, Grandma” “Yes, you have tact.  Always have - ever since you were a little boy.” “Grandma, listen, I’ll take care of you.” “You? What can you do?  Oh, goodness, no Jason.  I’m fine and can manage quite nicely.  Did I tell you I went strawberry picking last weekend?” “Yes you did,... Continue Reading →

Bravo Zulu Dad

The new diamond on my left hand sparkled from the bright sunshine streaming in the window - my heart was bubbling with happiness.  It was my first visit out west to meet my hubby's family and here was Dad, treating us to a flight in his beloved Cessna Skyhawk. I sat in the back seat,... Continue Reading →

United with a Song

She sat on a log hugging her knees, smiling softly as she gazed at the campsite community seated around the blazing fire. Some were chatting quietly; others were busy roasting marshmallows. She nodded to her husband who leisurely reached behind him and pulled out the worn guitar. He tinkered with the strings and began strumming... Continue Reading →

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