I am Who I am

“I believe my team and our legacy system could compete in the market for this job. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything superior that could meet your needs as readily,” said Palla, jumping at the chance to lead her team to a new project, not to mention a great career opportunity for herself!

“That’s an interesting idea. You’d be prepared to put together a proposal?” asked the Senior VP sitting across from Palla.


“OK. We’ll include you. I like that you’re taking the initiative on this.”

“Thanks!” replied Palla, glowing as she stood and walked out of the office into the corridor. She stopped to look at her reflection against the window, dark against the night sky. The new suit had been well worth the price, she felt slim and confident in it.

“Are you nuts, Palla?” exclaimed Susu, who swiftly slipped onto Palla’s shoulder, dangling her short legs and shaking her disheveled curls.

“Go away Susu,” said Palla as she tries to push Susu off her shoulder. “I don’t need Serious Suzy to bother me right now.”

“You’ve got a legacy product that’s being held together with bandages right now. Anything is better than that!” continued Susu without missing a beat.

“Maybe so, but there is nothing out there that can handle the volumes our product can,” replied Palla.

“You know you’ll have me up every night worried and figuring out how to solve all your messes–”

“I’ve got an excellent, very knowledgeable team. They’ll do most of the work. All we need is some rabbits in our plan to use as mitigation strategies.”

“Yeah, but I’m the one that has to come up with those rabbits!”

Palla and Susu suddenly felt a gentle breeze against their cheeks and looked up to see Amari shimmering before them, a gossamer of light. “Look at you two sweet souls, Piglet and Tigger, having a tiff. Forgive each other now, as you know deep down you love each other. Together you are stronger and once you have a good night’s sleep, you’ll see things much more clearly in the morning.”

“I hope you’re right,” said Susu.

“Don’t worry Susu,” continued Amari, starting to twirl. “I’ll be here to inspire both of you as you work through the project. Now breathe. Be calm. Be happy. Let’s go and cheer up Aunt Beatrice with our cookies.”

“Okay, but we’re stopping to get something to eat first,” said Palla as these personality traits fuse as one and walk down the hall.

Daily Prompt: Flash Talk
You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

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